3.5 V6 Hybrid
313hp / 760nm
0-100 KPH
TOP speed
Hybrid SUVs don’t get any better than the Lexus RX450H. The very assertive design still looks up-to-date despite first being released 6 years ago in 2015. The F-Sport package deserves a special mention as it drastically changes the character of the SUV. 20'' wheels, adaptive suspension dampers and a lower ride height are just a few of the things you get with the F-Sport package. As with most SUVs, the body is very long so you might struggle to find parking spots, especially in the city centre.
Luxury interiors designed for ultimate comfort with impeccable materials. It’s a perfect car for tall people and for long trips, with attention to detail that makes for an amazing experience. Heated and ventilated sport seats, a heated sport steering wheel and special interior trim are a few of our favourite features. Some of the features that could benefit from improvement are: limited cargo space because of the hybrid batteries’ position-less than competitors, the joystick used to control the display is outdated and distracting while you’re driving and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not supported.
Now, let's talk about performance! You have a 3.5-litre V6 engine, always ready to deliver seamless acceleration in all conditions. On the road, the car is impossibly quiet! But once you hit the gas pedal, you will hear the engine coming to life.Quite the adrenaline rush, even if it's not a sports car. Excellent fuel economy for a luxury crossover. The CVT gearbox is very quiet, which can be a little unsettling the first few times you drive it, as you don't hear the gears changing.
If you ask me, the Lexus RX450h F-Sport is still the best self-charging hybrid SUV on the market.
Marescore: 8/10

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