3.0-litre v6 Turbo
306hp / 400nm
0-100 KPH
TOP speed
Combine the carbon fibre parts of the rear spoiler and diffuser with such a standout purple colour, and the 2016 BMW 435i is the perfect car for every day, a trip to the Alps, or even on the track with the sport mode on! The 435i also has a sportier suspension tune and the exhaust system is upgraded to M Performance stage 2. It sounds too good to be true; not to mention the beautiful addition of the bronze Japan Racing R29 Wheels that are making this BMW even more aggressive. Don’t let me start on the full M Performance package!
As many of us petrolheads know, coupe cars have limited space inside, especially for tall people. But, here I can guarantee you that’s not the case! There is more than enough room for the legs in the front but not so much for the rear seats. The interior looks stunning and you can really see and feel the high-quality materials. It’s unbelievably comfortable even for longer distances. My favourite element of the interior is definitely the steering wheel; I have to admit it is still one of my favourites!
I love high-powered coupes such as the 626hp BMW M8, but you don’t always need maximum power to have fun! We drove up and down passes in the Swiss alps and just couldn’t get enough of this beauty! Powered with 306hp, you can feel the power through the steering wheel and enjoy all the twists and turns combined with a super-fast reaction on the gearbox and the xDrive system that delivers constant power to all wheels simultaneously.
A top-of-the-line car that takes your breath away with its looks and provides a lot of excitement under the wheels! It’s impossible not to notice this BMW on the streets!
Marescore: 8/10

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