Mare who?

Mare is a passionate and expert designer during the day and an enthusiast petrolhead after work, always ready to share fresh automotive content from his perspective and to make it fun for you all.

Who am I?
My name is Marko Peric, and I am an expert User Experience Designer for digital products with more than seven years of experience. Lately, in august 2021 I’ve decided to start a new side-business as an automotive content creator for various brands in Switzerland, with big ideas and dreams to be realised. 

I’ve been since always in the automotive industry, at 15 I started to work with car dealers to sell their cars and earn my little deserved piece of cake. At 18, after I got my driving licence, I started to buy cars and resell them until I got my first job as a Car Dealer in 2016 with more than 200 cars sold in one year. After that experience, I decided to change the industry and to become an expert designer.
Maredrives goals?
The main focus is to create entertaining content for Instagram and TikTok with rare and specific cars models, and car reviews for brand new cars released in Switzerland.

As a content creator, I help companies and brands to start and realize their new projects and help them to reach the desired goals. 

I’m always seeking new opportunities where I can make an impact with my knowledge and skills, so don’t hesitate to contact me for new projects, questions or educational advice.
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